January 9 2021

About Me


I am a mom of 2 grown kids, 2 cats, and a husband.


I am the Senior Accountant for a managed IT services provider.


I enjoy reading, watching movies but TV not so much, spending time with my family, and playing computer games – Star Trek Online, Sims 4, Lord of the Rings Online, Wizard 101, and Civilization V. And Planet Zoo, which is an amazing game.

I don’t cook much but when I got the Ninja Foodi this past Christmas, I decided to see how many things I could cook using it, and if it would make my life easier. And, give me options other than fast food. With full time work, school, family, and friends, it is hard to find time to spend in the kitchen cooking.

This blog is not a cooking blog so much as it is a online cookbook for me. There are so many good recipes online, but I want a single place to come to for recipes to make. Especially since I tweak recipes as I make them, so having my own repository of recipes gives me the option to update them each time, with what I did this time. So, the recipes will change and the pictures will change.